Rainbow Racer Jeans + GRL PWR Clutch

Rainbow is all the rage!..? Maybe not, but I sure am into it. I am also loving the racer stripe jeans, and my new pair with a rainbow glitter stripe are so dang fun. And then I saw the bag... I freaked. Give me all the girl power, PLEASE.           How fun [...]

Tailgate Time

One might say game day is like fashion week for Louisiana? Maybe? Well it sure is a great excuse to dress up around here… Since there are so many game days each season, it’s fun for me to experiment with my outfits rather than feel like I have to commit to one perfectly thought-out look [...]

Re-wear: Missguided Jacquard Set

Raise your hand if you love a good set! Sets have been popular for a while now, but it seems they've been revamped lately and are better than ever. I found this jacquard one on BIG sale from ASOS (the entire set is about $50 ooooh yes) and it's still available for all of you! [...]

Alligator Bodysuit + Straight Leg Jeans

Fellow short gals... how much trouble to do have finding cropped jeans that fit? More trouble than dealing with the DMV? Yeah, me too. Well I FOUND SOME. TopShop has saved my fashionable life. They have a petite line of jeans with all of the newest trends. They're inexpensive but have really great quality products. [...]

Re-wear: Snakeskin Wrap Dress

It's officially the weirdest season of the year... Transition season. The weather is never consistent and you're itching to pull out the spring clothes. While the weather is still a bit cool, I think the best way to ease into the sunny season is to layer your spring clothes with your winter ones. Here are [...]

Brown Bomber Top + White Frayed Jeans

Six more weeks of winter, they say... Guess I'll pull out the big guns while I still can. This is the first time I can every remember Louisiana having a substantial winter and I still feel underprepared.. It's February. High time I find some sweaters. I did find this super thick, super cozy sweater from [...]

Racer Stripe Pants + Puffy Sleeves

I'm so into pink right now... I was never a fan of pink until recently and I don't know what's gotten into me but I'm liking it. On that note, this bold magenta sweater by Wooden Ships is awesoooome. It's the perfect weight and perfect mix of simple and stylish. I used these racer stripe [...]

Holiday Outfit || Red on Red

Just a few more days until Christmas!! If you're like me and would rather put together an outfit than wear a dress, this may be a good option for your holiday parties this weekend.  I snagged this Mink Pink top at the coolest boutique in NOLA, Stone Free, and wanted to create a monochromatic look [...]