Brown Bomber Top + White Frayed Jeans

Six more weeks of winter, they say... Guess I'll pull out the big guns while I still can. This is the first time I can every remember Louisiana having a substantial winter and I still feel underprepared.. It's February. High time I find some sweaters. I did find this super thick, super cozy sweater from [...]

Racer Stripe Pants + Puffy Sleeves

I'm so into pink right now... I was never a fan of pink until recently and I don't know what's gotten into me but I'm liking it. On that note, this bold magenta sweater by Wooden Ships is awesoooome. It's the perfect weight and perfect mix of simple and stylish. I used these racer stripe [...]

Holiday Outfit || Red on Red

Just a few more days until Christmas!! If you're like me and would rather put together an outfit than wear a dress, this may be a good option for your holiday parties this weekend.  I snagged this Mink Pink top at the coolest boutique in NOLA, Stone Free, and wanted to create a monochromatic look [...]

Maple Holistic’s Tree Tea Oil Shampoo

You know when you get in a hair rut and it just needs something fresh to soak into its roots? The weather change is doing funky things to my hair. So I started using Maple Holistic's Tree Tea oil shampoo and have been loving it! This is the most basic of their hair products. The [...]

Cabby hat + Cropped jeans

The cabby hat is one of those things you thought would never become cool again. Well, here they are. I don't think this trend will hand around for too long, but it's definitely going to be fun while it lasts! It's an easy way to grunge up your look a little bit. Cabby hat: Forever [...]

Cocktail dress + Button down

I've been very inspired lately to step up my style. Everything is fair game. Influencers have been experimenting with layering, mixing high end with low end, bold jewelry, and even "ugly" shoes. The fun part about today's trends is that there's nothing that's out of style right now! Some of my favorite bloggers have been [...]

Denim Jumpsuit + Vintage Bag

Fun pants are all the rage right now and I'm totally on board. Too bad I have to get everything hemmed, meaning I cannot participate in the fringe jeans trend and I am buuuummed. Luckily my mom and I stumbled across this stellar Rebecca Taylor jumpsuit with a straight hem and the length was an [...]

New and Improved

Come one come all... So I spent the summer in Los Angeles with every intent to blog. Few issues there: I had no roommate or anyone else I really knew to take pictures for me, nor did I have any wifi in my apartment. I'm kind of glad I didn't get to blog over the [...]