After looking at the title of this post I’m debating on if I spelled “green” right. Who else does that? All of you? I knew it.

Over coat: really old Guess | Blazer: old Zara | Cami: CamiNYC | Pants: Sofia | Boots: Jeffrey Campbell | LV Locket: a vintage find

As you can probably tell, I’m super into monochrome. What’s fun about it is that it doesn’t matter if the shades are exactly right. Throw it all together and run with it.

Green is my faaaavorite color. My eyes are green and I have tan skin, so it really bodes well for me that it looks good with my coloring 🙂 I paired this CamiNYC tank with Sofia pants, which does, by the way, have few different matching tops that you can find here. They also have champagne, black, silver, etc. etc. The CamiNYC tank also comes in 1000 different colors. Just type “racer” into he search bar and they’ll all show up. So basically you can mix and match as you please!

So, just to reiterate…

I used the military style coat to give some structure to the look. Otherwise, the tank and pants are very loose and shapeless. Tucking the top in helps show off my waist and having some weight on top of it all keeps the silky garments from straying. The white blazer was added for dimension.

So this Louis Vuitton locket. I got it at Hemline, like everything else I own because I live work there. So I’m not sure where to tell you to find something like this, to be completely honest. Every now and then Hemline gets in vintage designer pieces from What Goes Around, which is a preowned designer shop. Also check TheRealReal every now and then; I saw the locket (without the chain) on this site last summer. PS: The lock really works!! There’s a key to go with it and everything! These locks were used on the old LV trunks and are now being repurposed into necklaces and charm bracelets. I’m a big fan.

As we all know, Louisiana winter is completely unpredictable. It’s a bit irrational to buy a ton of heavy winter coats around here. For the days we need them, a good way to stay warm if you don’t have something adequate is to layer jackets and overcoats. While I used this white Zara blazer to break up the greens, it also serves as an extra layer of warmth and is still thin enough to fit under my coat.

I’m sure some of you are wondering why the HECK I tucked my pants into these boots. Surprisingly, it actually made me look taller than I looked when leaving the pants untucked! Little tricks of the trade. I guess since they’re nude and mid-calf, they add some length to my legs. HOORAY I’m finally learning how to dress for my body type!!! Short people unite and dance with me!! PS: these boots ALSO come in 1000 different colors. You can find them all on Nordstrom!

Stay warm this winter, it’s a doozy! Just promise me you won’t only wear black. The best way to make winter warmer is by wearing warm colors 🙂

Xx, Caroline