Plaid Dress + Beret

So I bought a beret… Why? I’m not entirely sure. But it sure is cute!! And it matches all of my boots! So I guess that’s why.

Recently I discovered a fun lil’ site called Storets. It’s trendy pieces for super affordable prices! That’s where I found this plaid ruched dress. It covers ALL THE CLEAVAGE so I don’t even care if it’s not the most flattering. The ladies are covered and that is major for me. (Small frame, large breasts, nothing fits, etc etc)

Dress: Storets || Beret: Nordstrom || Shoes: Steve Madden || Tank: Equipment




I was really into the idea of pairing the patterns of the dress and hat together. To make it match a little more, on a whim I put on this old Equipment blouse to bring in some navy and a unique touch. As I was getting dressed I was really dying for a pair of knee high snakeskin boots, but Amazon prime isn’t that quick…

To toughen up this sweet look, combat boots were in order. These are last season Steve Madden, but you can find some that look almost exactly the same here and the wide version here! I scored the beret at the Nordstrom anniversary sale. Unfortunately, it’s sold out now. Sorry, kids. Here is another fun one! The tank is too old to link, but you can shop the brand here.

And once again I’m too slow to post and don’t realize it until I go to look for the dress online as I’m writing about it… It’s gone. I am sad. And very sorry if I got anyone’s hopes up. I bought it recently, I swear!! And for once it wasn’t on sale… ugh I can’t keep up. So basically this whole shoot was good for nothing since I can’t share any of the items in it. Wahoo! I am good at this!



If anything, consider this fall inspiration? Our south LA weather is still so hot, but if you’re still wearing cutoffs and sandals, that just ain’t right. There are plenty of ways to incorporate fall clothes into your wardrobe in this heat! My favorite way to do it is by pairing dresses with boots (obviously) or using dark colors and prints. Promise me you’ll stop wearing linen tanks and flip flops? K thanks.

Xx, Caroline