Sunflower Dress + Sunflower Fields

A Sunday well spent in the sunflower fields…

Taylor Gonsoulin, my old roommate and kick-ass photographer friend, needed a guinea pig to for an upcoming shoot she was having. It just so happened to be in this crazy cool botanical garden in BR. So she really pulled my leg to get me in on this one…. Check out Taylor’s website! She’s one of those people who can capture the moments that you think nothing of, but they turn out to be magic in a photo. She does AWESOME senior shoots and her Instagram feed, as well as her personality, is quirky and uplifting!

We did this shoot a little over a month ago when the sunflowers were in full bloom. It was hot as heck at 6 pm and I’m just happy you can’t see the beads of sweat dripping down my face. But anyway, now that summer is officially over (what the heck I can’t believe it’s already mid-September), it was now or never to get these posted!

Dress: Luxxel || Shoes: Free People || Belt bag: Sweet Leather

I scored this flower mini at Hemline in Baton Rouge. Sorry kids, it’s long gone in the boutiques. I bought it the first day they had put it out and it was gone four days later! But the good news is that it’s available online! And they have it a wine/deep red color! AND it’s on sale!! Click here.

I paired grungy boots with a frilly dress to level each other out a bit. I’m not super girly, but definitely not very edgy (I like color too much). I just love a contrast in styles.

I’ve worn this belt bag (@sweetleathergoods) far too often lately, but it’s just so easy. It adds some dimension to my outfit and means I can be hands free! Since I can’t afford the Gucci ones, here I am 🙂 I’m wearing my beloved feaux-alligator lace up boots from Free People. They’re a few years old now, but still my go-to bootie. Here is a similar pair from Free People. Here is a high end version from Coach (I am so obsessed wow).

Find some time during your busy schedule to dance through to flower fields. It’ll really make you smile!

Xx, Caroline