Alligator Bodysuit + Straight Leg Jeans

Fellow short gals… how much trouble to do have finding cropped jeans that fit? More trouble than dealing with the DMV? Yeah, me too. Well I FOUND SOME. TopShop has saved my fashionable life. They have a petite line of jeans with all of the newest trends. They’re inexpensive but have really great quality products. This applies to their regular and tall lines, as well! So anyone who is not of average height, TopShop is the way to go for jeans. I got mine in recently and I think I’ve worn them every other day. I am wearing the MOTO straight leg raw hem jeans in mid blue petite. Obsessed.


Bodysuit and belt: TimeWarp BR

Jeans: Topshop

Boots: Marc Fisher

Earrings: Designs by Hud

I found this alligator print bodysuit (it’s actually a bathing suit, don’t tell anyone…) and alligator skin belt at a local vintage shop. On the same day. And I never get that lucky with finds.. So I was itching to style them together. I scored these boots for a tiny discount; the blue is sold out, but Marc Fisher still has the maroon and black styles on SALE! These are the Emmie earrings by Lauren Huddleston in navy. I have three pairs of her earrings and LOVE them. All of her old styles are on sale as well, so if you’ve been following her for a bit, the first few pairs she made are half off!

I wanted to style these jeans in a very laid-back, 90’s-esque, street-style, textured look. Each component of this outfit plays into another. It’s cohesive, yet each piece is so different in style. Hope you loved!

Xx, Caroline