Racer Stripe Pants + Puffy Sleeves

I’m so into pink right now… I was never a fan of pink until recently and I don’t know what’s gotten into me but I’m liking it.

On that note, this bold magenta sweater by Wooden Ships is awesoooome. It’s the perfect weight and perfect mix of simple and stylish. I used these racer stripe jeans and color block loafers to contrast the bright sweater.

Sweater: Wooden Ships || Jeans: a TJ Maxx find || Shoes: Marc Fisher || Earrings: House of Harlow || Bag: Kate Spade


Since I’m short, I have the hardest time finding jeans with the fun hems that are the right length on me. I found these bad boys at TJ Maxx and they fit so well! My only wish is that they didn’t have the rips, but I couldn’t pass up the racer stripes or the price.
Okay now let’s talk about these loafers. THEY ROCK. Marc Fisher is my new favorite shoe brand. Every single shoe is so comfortable. These slides come in four different colors and they’re all classic. I love how the little studs on the heel add some edge–I’m all about that. AND THEY’RE ON SALE! Here is the link. I’m begging you to get yourself a pair. You will not regret it. Report back to me if you do so we can bond over them.

I’m also a major Wooden Ships fan. The knit feels almost like cashmere without the price of cashmere! Yes, please. They make sweaters for holiday seasons, like a skull for Halloween and hearts for Valentine’s Day! If anyone wants to send me the Heart crewneck just because, I wouldn’t oppose…
The best part about each of these pieces is that they’re all so versatile. Yes, they are all fairly simple, but each has a little detail that spices them up. I was hesitant to make a post on these items because they are so simple, but it’s a realistic outfit. And while I am trying to elevate my style, I know that more people will relate to something like this. But don’t expect to see much more like it 🙂 My creative juices are flowing, people! Lots of good things coming.