Maple Holistic’s Tree Tea Oil Shampoo

You know when you get in a hair rut and it just needs something fresh to soak into its roots? The weather change is doing funky things to my hair. So I started using Maple Holistic’s Tree Tea oil shampoo and have been loving it! This is the most basic of their hair products. The natural tea tree oil has so many therapeutic benefits for your hair and scalp. The oil helps to unclog hair follicles and nourish your roots, which means longer hair for everyone! The product is cruelty-free, parabens-free, GMO-free, and gluten-free (it smells so good you may want to eat it ((please don’t eat it)).

Since I started using this, I’ve noticed that I don’t get as many pimples in my hair line. I have very oily skin so I am prone to getting pimples, even on my scalp. I had a mole removed on my head back in August and it has not stopped itching since. When I started using Maple Holistic’s, no more itching! This stuff has healing powers, people.

I’ve teamed up with Maple Holistic’s to show you their free sample program that they’re offering all of you! You can sign up here. Just fill out the form and select the products you’d like to receive. I’ll be trying the Muscle Pain massage oil and the Opulence Eye Cream next… They have so many different products for every kind of skin and hair.

Come back to this post and comment on it when you try it; I want to know what kind of products you guys are liking!



Xx, Caroline