New and Improved

Come one come all…

So I spent the summer in Los Angeles with every intent to blog. Few issues there: I had no roommate or anyone else I really knew to take pictures for me, nor did I have any wifi in my apartment. I’m kind of glad I didn’t get to blog over the summer because I learned 100394574 things about the blogging process through my internship!

I did my internship at ELR Media Group, a fashion PR company in downtown Los Angeles. My job as an intern was basically to do all social media activity for Original Earl Jean (besides posting photos), create a weekly report of at least 5 new bloggers and influencers that I found, contact bloggers and influencers about sending them items to our showrooms, and sending gifts to these bloggers. Because there is a showroom, I was also responsible for the upkeep of that showroom and dealing with returns and exchanges of merchandise. I met a few people from Access Hollywood, a few big time bloggers, and Khloe Kardashian’s stylist (!!). And I sent a backpack to Kate Hudson (!!). I really don’t know how I kept my cool… and I can’t even explain how hard it was for me not to say “y’all” all the time. But my fellow intern Savannah (a Santa Monica local) said I didn’t have much of an accent so I’ll call that a win. Anyway, a huge part of my time was spent on social media. I was constantly searching for new bloggers, researching the styles, aesthetics, and lifestyles of these women. I learned so much about the blogosphere that I didn’t know! For instance, how your Instagram page looks actually makes a HUGE difference in how people portray your blog and personality. It’s important to keep with a common theme on your feed to brand yourself. Using the same filter, the same writing style, how well you interact with followers, etc., all represent your personal brand. Instagram is literally the future of marketing. So this is why I’m starting over. I learned way too much this summer not to! I grew tremendously by spending 8 weeks in LA by myself, and I’ve grown tremendously since my freshman year of college when I started this blog.

One thing I promised myself this summer was that I would finally figure out my own brand. So here it is: Frill Seeker.

After months and months (maybe a year) of brainstorming, I chose the name Frill Seeker because I think it embodies two of my biggest passions: pretty things and adventures. Traveling, thought I don’t do it too often, is one of my favorite things. I will have an “Adventure” tab on my home page to post all my latest travels, favorite things about these cities, tips, inspirations, etc etc.

Other tabs you’ll find are “Shopping”, “About Me”, “Contact”, “Outfits”, and “Rewear”. To stay in touch with my blogging roots, I will continue to do “rewears” every now and then. On each post I will list other style suggestions to keep with the “rewear” theme that I started with. You’ll also find an “Honesty Hour” tab where I will put all my thoughts unrelated to fashion when I get a little writing bug.

My goal for this new and improved blog is to post more daily outfits, upkeep my Instagram better (@frillseekerblog (if you already followed @r3bycaroline, you’ll automatically be following the “new” account)), and connect more with my followers. I really want to focus on gaining a bigger audience and having people see me as a bit more elevated. Because I am still in college, my outfits will still be affordable and realistic. With that being said, I am going to put my most fashionable foot forward to create new and exciting outfits. I am so excited to start sharing with you all again!

If you do not already, please follow @frillseeker blog on Instagram. I want to interact with y’all as much as possible! I will start doing stories, posting way more often, and intend on doing lots of polls to see what you all prefer to see from me.

I’m still working out a few kinks with the new site so bear with me!

Note: I am always a work in progress. As I continue to grow, I hope this blog will grow with me 🙂 Enjoy! Xx, Caroline