Valentine’s Date Dash- Last Minute Plan Ideas

Roses are red, violets are blue. Valentine’s is coming up, I’m here to help you!

I know Valentine’s isn’t everyone’s favorite holiday. I don’t take it very seriously even though I am in a relationship…It’s just a glorified day for PDA. But I still feel the need to do a little somethin’ somethin’. So since I’m planning, I figured I would share some ideas with all you girls #ballinonabudget or for those of you who want to do something low key for date night. And there’s even a lil something for those of you who will be spending the holiday with your favorite gal pals. And if you’re as last minute as I am with getting this posted, you’ll appreciate these last minute plan ideas.

So here goes it~

For Valentine’s:

Rock n Sake for $5 sushi

BR locals, if you didn’t know about Rock n Sake’s $5 LSU roll deal on Tuesdays, you’re welcome. They also have $5 drink specials and during the day they have a $13 full meal menu. I will admit, I am there every Tuesday. Luckily for us, V-day falls on Tuesday this year.

The Rum House for $2 tacos

Taco Tuesday alert!! Head to the Rum House for a casual bite. And since you’re spending so little for food, you can spend more on drinks. Yes please.

Perkins Rowe for a $5 movie

Participating Cenimark locations offer movies for $1-$5 on Tuesdays. Seems like Tuesday is our lucky day….

Stay in and play video games

Break out the Wii or old Nintendo and play all your favorite childhood games! It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s (probably) free, and it’s a great and casual way to have fun without the pressure of V-day.  Order some pizzas or Chinese takeout. Game on.

Breakfast in bed

Since V-day is on a Tuesday night this year, we students may not have time that night to do anything because of that whole “having class the next day” thing…  Wake up early and fry up some bacon. Mimosas are always a plus.

Have your own wine tasting

Go to your local grocery or liquor store and find those tiny bottles of wine. Get kinds you haven’t tried before. Get drunk in the process.


For Galentine’s:


Get your gals to come over and order pizza, put on a good chick-flick (I suggest Sex and the City..1 and 2), and drink some Prosseco. Play drinking games and bash all your ex-boyfriends. The perfect girls’ night in.

Margaritas and Mamasitas

All those taco Tuesday specials are bound to come with a drink special… Get your girls and go to the nearest Mexican restaurant. Mooch on chips and salsa (so you don’t have to pay for food mwahaha) and spend the night gossiping over your favorite margarita or sangria. Olé!

Date night with your best friend

People think y’all are dating anyway, why not make it official? Treat your best friend to one of those $5 specials above and make fun of all the couples fondling over each other.

50 Shades of Grey

Obviously… Go see the sultry movie and stuff your face in pop corn and Raisinets. Feel free to sneak a flask in your purse (If you get caught, you didn’t hear that from me…).

Go dancing

Head downtown to 1913 (or the nearest club) and dance the night away! Get all the sleazy single guys to buy your drinks and run away before they can get a second look at you. Splash is also never a disappoinment.


Give your people a little extra love today ❤