Concert Tees +Booties

I went to Hangout Fest this weekend and I just had to get a souvenir tee… So obviously I went with a Florence + The Machine tour t-shirt. I’m convinced Florence is my spirit animal. Or alter ego. Either way I’m obsessed. But back to fashion! Tees are so easy to dress up and down. They’re perfect for summer since they’re light and comfy. I used booties with both outfits to prove that it’s totally okay to wear them in the summer, as long as they aren’t suede or super thick. So here are a few fun options to style your favorite concert tees and booties!


Skirt: H&M || Shoes: FreePeople || Earrings: NK Boutique

How fun is this skirt?! Unfortunately, it’s very hard to match. Neutrals are always the best answer. This purple/silver hue was brought out by my purple fringe earrings that also mimic the fringe of the skirt. I decided to go with my favorite FreePeople shoes to add a little rock-n-roll vibe and a whole lot of texture. Since my tee is so plain, it’s really easy to add different elements to it to make the outfit unique.

*This skirt is on sale in black!!


Jacket: Michael Star || Jeans: TopShop || Shoes: Frye || Long evil eye necklace: Maven Womenswear || Beaded necklace: honestly have no idea…

Red lips, Ray-bans, and layered necklaces=the cool girl I aspire to be. Ripped jeans have been my go-to lately and I can’t stop wearing these black ones!  This jacket is actually linen, making it perfect for summer nights, traveling, or basically anything else. Also it’s really cute so that’s a plus.

And yes-I did, in fact, cut my hair to look like Florence’s.