3 Flannels, 3 Ways

This post was inspired by the boyfriend; he lives in his flannels. He always claims you can wear a flannel for almost every occasion. I’m starting to think it’s true… So thanks, Will, I knew you were good for something! They really are the one of the best things for fall/winter because they range in a ton of different patterns, colors, and thicknesses. They can be thin or they can be fuzzy, making them perfect for layering! And with this Louisiana weather, you never know what you’ll need to wear. Everyone should have a flannel or two in their closet.


IMG_3245Flannel: Dickies || Hat: NY Yankee Store || Tee: Nordstrom’s Off the Rack || Leggings: Dillard’s || Shoes: Frye || Sunnies: Urban Outfitters || Earrings: Claire’s 


Wearing your thick flannel as a “jacket” perfect for a really casual look. Throw a bunch of basic pieces under it and your favorite baseball cap so you can accurately use the expression “Oh, I just threw this on”. Since this flannel is so baggy, I wore black leggings and black booties with it to slim me down. Also it makes me look taller so perks.


Flannel: H&M || Skirt: Maven Womenswear || Boots: I Love Shoes || Earrings: FreePeople

For a dressy casual look, pair a thinner flannel with a cool skirt. Whether it’s a leather mini, fit-to-flare, skater, high-low… all would dress up and add style to this blasé top. The metallic in my skirt brings out the subtle orange detail in my flannel. The brown suede boots give more texture and play on the color of the skirt as well.


Flannel: H&M || Sweater: Nordstrom’s Off the Rack || Jeans: TopShop || Boots: Sperry

My favorite thing to do with collared shirts: layer them under a sweater. Putting duck boots with this combo makes it a little more sporty and my ripped jeans make it a little edgy. So there’s a little bit of every aspect of my style in this outfit! And with a flannel pattern as simple as this one, it’s fun to add other patterns to it like a stripped or animal print sweater, scarf, purse, etc.