City vs. South

It’s almost the end of my third week in New York and I’m beginning to feel like my style is changing. I can’t tell if it’s because I’m trying to blend in or if this has been my style all along and it just took me getting here to get into it. To be completely honest, in Louisiana I feel like I’m ahead of the game. There aren’t too many people in Baton Rouge who think the way I do when it comes to correlating colors and silhouettes; I have too many ideas. In New York, I feel like a bug under the rug… Everyone here is so cutting edge. Is it weird that I feel so small and so big at the same time? Our version of dressy is their version of casual. In the south, walking around in Nike shorts and an enormously oversized t-shirt is what you see on the reg (which is unheard of here). Your go-to going out attire is a pair of flare jeans, a bold printed blouse, your favorite bar shoes, and hair teased to the Heavens. What I’ve noticed about the city is that less is more when it comes to dressing yourself. Everyone wears boyfriend jeans, a cool tee, and an even cooler jacket. This place is challenging me to step outside of myself and be more of who I am, rather than making me question my motives and ideas as Baton Rouge does. All that is is culture. The environment is different, causing me to be different! It’s making me more comfortable in my own skin, not only in New York, but for when I go back home as well. So what I did for this post was use the Lovers and Friends top and TopShop jeans, only I accessorized them according to how I’d wear the outfit in the city and in the south.


Necklace: JazzFest booth || Shoes: Steve Madden

IMG_2437 IMG_2442 IMG_2445 IMG_2454 IMG_2461 IMG_2464 IMG_2465 IMG_2472

This is very much something that I’d wear back at home. It’s a lot more, for a lack of better words, innocent than how I’d wear it in the North. For some reason, I felt strange walking around the streets of the Meatpacking District in this outfit… Not necessarily uncomfortable, just not the same! The bold shoes give it my all-black outfit that pop of color that I normally love. The fringe necklace adds a bit of sweetness and texture. The darkness of the black set is broken up by the light colored leather. Notice my black nails; they make me feel super bad ass.


Jacket: May & July || Shoes: Kenneth Cole

IMG_2530 IMG_2539

I decided my regular ole curls weren’t cutting it and went for the half-top knot.


IMG_2580 IMG_2585 IMG_2588 IMG_2596 IMG_2602 IMG_2605 IMG_2606 IMG_2607 IMG_2612 IMG_2616IMG_2624And then there’s me being my weird self.

Like I said before, less is more in New York. Comfort is key and styles are simple. Just about everyone wears black year round. Wearing minimal jewelry seems to be common for the NYC locals. I went for a monochrome look and matched the light coat to my gold slip ons to lighten up the look of the outfit. And since today was a lovely 72 degrees, a jacket is usually necessary. I like the idea of wearing an oversized coat over this body-con outfit because it makes it look a little more effortless! I thought my style was edgy before but I didn’t even know what edgy was until I got here.. So I present to you: my street grunge. 


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Nothing all that interesting happened to me this week; I’ve been locked up in my dorm studying for my final exam and working on my final project. Today was my last day of Advertising and Promotions and Monday is the final exam and project! Wahoo! I’ll be here for another week and a half just adventurin’. More updates later. XO