Busy Blouse

First thing’s first: an announcement. I am officially going to spend July taking classes in at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York! I’ll be taking an Advertising and Promotion class with a focus in fashion and possibly a styling seminar and I could not be more excited. So if anyone wants a last minute closet consultation, please let me know before June 28th! Hopefully I’ll be able to do a little blogging up north but that might require me to make a few new friends first so I’ll be getting on that first thing when I settle into the dorms. With that being said, I haven’t posted in almost three weeks… oops. I found this boho blouse last summer; it’s a Ralph Lauren and it’s probably the most comfortable shirt I own next to my t-shirts. And the fabric is so light (which is why it’s bearable to wear during the summer)!


Shorts: Time Wharp || Shoes: Kenneth Cole || Necklace: PerSpiCasIty in Seaside, FL



IMG_2068IMG_2070IMG_2079IMG_2085IMG_2056The easiest way to wear this top is with a good pair of denim shorts. For a top with this many colors in it, white denim is probably the best way to keep it simple. But I wanted to go for a bold look so I added my dark wash distressed shorts, which also makes the outfit pretty casual. My multicolor beads bring out the colors of my top without being overkill. Any more jewelry would probably be too much. The main reason I went with this necklace is because the different shades of green and natural colors make the beads seem neutral! I wanted to add a different aspect to the look, so my rose gold slip ons liven everything up just enough.


Hat: Urban Outfitters || Pants: TJ Maxx || Shoes: Steve Madden || Earrings: Free People

IMG_2095 IMG_2100 IMG_2101 IMG_2105 IMG_2109 IMG_2112 IMG_2116 IMG_2091 IMG_2121

This top, in no way, is easy to disguise. So to change it up a bit, I loosened up the draw string and let the sleeves hang off my shoulders. Pairing it with white high-waisted pants contrasts and distracts from the shirt a little more, especially if they’re wide legged. These trousers are breezy and comfy and perfect for beach days, traveling, or running errands. When your outfit makes as much as a statement as this one does, minimal jewelry is key. A cool boaters hat is the perfect accessory to tie in the boho with the resort look!

P.S.- I know the scenery in my posts has just been awesome lately, but I don’t have much to work with in the neighborhood… so ignore the fire hydrants and focus on the clothes plz and thnx 🙂


Free People for June: