Tyed Tees

It’s no surprise that tees are easy to style. If it’s a bold pattern, the problem is figuring out how to distract people from the fact that it may be the same shirt you wore out three days ago! Different denims are a sure-fire way to give a top a new look, possibly giving it a new color, niceness, and quality. This purple tye-dye PPLA tee is as versatile as it is comfortable and I went to downtown Lafayette to showcase that in honor of this being my last blog post from Lafayette. So thanks, Laffy, for all the super cool spots and inspiration you’ve provided for R3. (Just to clarify, the title is a play on of tie, as in knot, and tye-dye… I have my clever moments)


Jeans: Gap || Shoes: Steve Madden || Purse: French Connection || Necklace: Rodeo

IMG_1663 IMG_1667 IMG_1675 IMG_1682 IMG_1681 IMG_1688IMG_1690IMG_1673

The bottom of this tee is split in two, which makes the top a little more lenient for renovations. Because the back is so long on me, I like to knot the front so I don’t look two feet tall. The flare jeans give me some extra length and the bold shoes bring out more purple hues found in the shirt. I like my double stranded necklace with this outfit because the difference in chain lengths gives my outfit more levels and covers the top and bottom of the t-shirt. This unique, wooden clutch dresses up the jeans and gives the edge aspect of the outfit. Also:

finals week= procrastination= self-taught dutch braiding


Overalls: Target || Shoes: Converse || Earrings: Free People || Backpack: Target

IMG_1697 IMG_1701 IMG_1707 IMG_1708 IMG_1716 IMG_1717 IMG_1719 IMG_1727 IMG_1732 IMG_1729

I feel so 90’s in this outfit–overalls are back and better than ever. The light blue of this oversized one-piece (is actually just a few sizes too big) compliments the light purple in the t-shirt. The overalls hide almost the whole shirt, even though the shirt tail is practically hanging out of my shorts. Oops. I wanted to dress the outfit down even more with my Converse. The outfit might look better with high tops! The mix-matched bracelets give the outfit a little personality. I’m so obsessed with these wire-wrapped stone earrings from Free People, they make every outfit look so much cooler. I’ve been craving a fringe backpack since 70’s made it’s comeback and I found this one for $30 at Target. The fabric is light, it stores a ton of stuff, and the woven straps don’t get too hot! Perfect for beach trips and festival season.

PS: how insanely awesome is this mural? I’ve been waiting all year to use it!


Free People this week: