Pinstriped Pretties

I’ve been really into stripes lately and I scored this pinstriped pretty for a steal. Every now and then when you go into Chattabox in Baton Rouge, you might just score something for a good price. I found this pinstriped skirt on sale there for $45 (originally $90, unfortunately it was the last one) but there’s a similar one here. Most of the skirts more like the one I’m sporting that I found online are over $300 but look timeless, which is the best part about pinstripes! All pinstripes are classic and will never go out of style, though the way their used might get old. A button down or seersucker is tireless. But the shape at which the fabric is used might go bad after a few years. What makes this skirt so unique is the knot in the front. I think this skirt might have been refurbished from an old dress shirt because the ties seem to be made of sleeves. Though this skirt doesn’t seem versatile and it’s hard to disguise it with other pieces, just dress it up or down to give it new looks! Maybe even tie the knot in a bow or rip the ties out when you get tired of them.


Shirt: H&M || Bralette: Urban Outfitters || Necklace and Bangles: local pop-up shop at Jazz Fest || Shoes: Bella Bella

IMG_1587 IMG_1592 IMG_1596 IMG_1599 IMG_1604 IMG_1621

I really wanted to show off my new necklace that I found at Jazz Fest, so I paired the skirt with a thin, white, razor back tank. This leather fringed statement piece was hand made and crafted by locals of New Orleans. I also found the bangles at Jazz Fest–they are a metal made from mixing silver and bronze and the designs are made out of carbon. What I found so cool about them is that the solution of the metals prevents the bracelets from turning your skin green after wearing them for too long! How cool? Because it’s so sheer, I layered it with a lacy bralette that almost resembles a crop top or corset. The top and necklace give my preppy skirt a little edge. The outfit looks a little tribal if you ask me; only thing missing is some tan lace up sandals and some intricate baubles around my fore arms! And just in case anyone needs a good laugh, I stepped in dog poop while shooting this…


Shirt: SugarLips || Necklace: Merci Beaucoup || Shoes: Call It Spring

IMG_1627 IMG_1639 IMG_1640 IMG_1646 IMG_1660

Texture is key when trying to make an outfit interesting. This asymmetrical top almost matches the consistency of the skirt while also giving off the appearance that it’s oversized. The shoes have suede and leather in them. The deep color and fabrics make the shoes a little on the warm side, but the peep toe is what makes them acceptable for spring. Plus I LOVE the way the dark hues look against the lightness of my skirt! I put on a subtle dark purple lipstick to match my shoes. I wanted to add just a smidge of sparkle, which is where the geode necklace came in. The matching white lightens up my upper half a little more while also bringing in even more grain to the look.


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