Striking Sets

One of the biggest trends right now is a good two-piece set. Usually the price of a dress, each part of a set can be used for tons and tons of different outfits, which is the best part about them! Mixing and matching the pieces gives you a huge variety of options to spice up your wardrobe. During ball season, I noticed how popular the two-piece formal was. I gave in and found this awesome one at Lulu’s for only $80–that’s less than I’d spend on any cocktail dress! The colors in the dress made for a perfect January debutante ball gown while the pattern of the fabric is great for spring.


Necklace: BCBG || Earrings: Green Serene, Magazine St., NOLA


Don’t I look so happy??!?IMG_0276 IMG_0410IMG_0454Please excuse my lack of legit pictures of the dress; I wasn’t exactly focused on blogging during Mystique. So I’m having to suffice with super lame mirror pics and selfies and whatever else I could dig up from that night to show off this set and the rest of my look. The first picture is really the only one I have that proves this dress is a set. Dang short torso… Shoutout Chandler White because he’s been begging me to put him in my blog. Wave Chandler, you’re on camera!!

Obviously the best way to wear a set is together! Though the pattern of this gown is very busy, the lines and the way it’s made bring in some simplicity. It’s actually pretty casual from the pockets and the type of material, so dressing it up with jewelry is how I made this beaut Mardi Gras ball-worthy. I went for a sort of Greek look by wearing my hair all up in a crown braid and with my floral collar necklace. I felt that I needed just a bit more shine, so I used double sided earrings to give a little edge to the look. And no, they are not gauges… I had to get my pop of color in there so deep purple lips were the way to go!


Jacket: Gap || Skirt: Deja Vu || Shoes: Chloe || Earrings: Baublebar

IMG_1185 IMG_1192 IMG_1202 IMG_1205 IMG_1207

Yeah yeah, I know I’m awkward… modeling up and down the streets of your old neighborhood isn’t the best when all of your neighbors are outside working on their yards. I took the top on the trendier side of things by mixing patterns and adding popular jewelry styles. I love the way the texture of the skirt brings out the pattern of the top. Nothing says spring quite like a white floral skirt. I took it upon myself to steal my sister’s earrings for the sake of the shoot, so thanks, Amelia, these worked perfectly. The gold ear cuff is only a fake (I only wish I was brave enough to get my cartilage pierced) and the long horizontal stud goes perfectly with my  rhinestoned, knotted chain. These accessories bring in edge, personal style, and some shine to my outfit. This denim jacket is probably about eleven years old so I wouldn’t suggest trying to find it at the nearest Gap! Mom’s nude wedges are the ideal blend of dressy and casual and tied the outfit together.


Sunglasses: Ray-ban || Earrings: Adler’s || Shirt: Nordstrom Off the Rack || Shoes: Steve Madden

IMG_1217 IMG_1220 IMG_1225 IMG_1228 IMG_1231 IMG_1237

With a skirt this bold, I’d say that the best thing to pair with it is a solid colored tee. I wanted to dress it down with simple pearl studs and Aviators. Hot pink lips give my look another spring hue. The heels strictly serve as a way to keep my skirt from dragging on the ground and just so happen to match perfectly. I really liked how classic and timeless this look turned out to be, so I threw my hair in a low knot to add to it. An outfit like this would be great for baby or wedding showers, brunch, graduations, Easter Sunday, or spring weddings! Rule of thumb: DO NOT wear white to a wedding unless you’re the one getting married! Or you’re instructed to do so. Any other white dress/set/outfit will make for a very unhappy bride… So don’t use a color scheme similar to this one if you intend on wearing something like this to a wedding! It’s not cool. Don’t do it. Rant over.