Final Day’s Fun

I skipped a day of blogging because I was exhausted and we did a lot of shopping and no stopping. Also because wifi at the New York Palace costs $16 a night… So I only got a few pictures from Tuesday! But we woke up early to spend the day at Ground Zero. As much as I learned about it throughout my years in Catholic private schools, I had never experienced it like this. Nor had I known nearly as much about the brutality of 9/11 as I thought I did. I had seen the memorial of the towers before, but I never had the chance to visit the underground museum because its construction was just finished. The museum lies beneath the memorial of the towers and has more information underground than I would’ve ever learned from the surface, the history books, or the lectures from my years in Christian-based schools. I had no idea that the term “Ground Zero” came from a bombing that happened in the basement of the World Trade Center under the North Tower. I just figured it came from the hijacked flight attack in 2001. But it actually originated from a terrorist group who was acting as delivery men for the towers, who snuck in bombs through their trucks one after noon in 1993 and killed six people and one unborn child through the explosion. I also was completely unaware that many people who weren’t even in the towers were killed due to falling debris or the enveloping smoke from the burning buildings. Approximately 2724 people were killed during 9/11; there was even a group of engineers who died while trying to fix the antenae on top of the North Tower and got stuck up there when flight 11 crashed into it. This antenna was the only thing that deciphered the twin towers from each other. People were running around with missing flyers of their friends and family because they didn’t know if they had survived or not. The Ground Zero grave memorial that was located directly above where the bombing was was destroyed when the South Tower collapsed. I never realized how close the World Trade Center is to the Statue of Liberty and I can’t help but wonder why al-Quaeda didn’t target her… This location has been a target for many terrorist groups in the past; I wonder if it’s just because there are so many people wondering around this area. The 9/11 Museum was so incredibly moving, I cried. But that shouldn’t surprise anyone, I cry in every play I see just because the music gets to me. Or pretty much for any other emotional moment. But what should surprise you is that my dad cried… Does that help explain how insightful this museum is? I thought Mr. Mitchell got me junior year when he got his American History classes to listen to the recordings of the outgoing phone calls from inside the falling buildings. Imagine hearing them while looking at the last remnants of the buildings, as well as seeing a demolished fire trucks and letters thrown out of the shattered windows as a cry for help. If you’re ever in New York, spend your day at the World Trade Center. It’s an extremely eye opening experience regardless of how much or how little you might already know about the tragedies of the iconic location. The first thing I told my mom when we walked out of the museum was that I needed some serious retail therapy to perk me up… so that’s exactly what we did. After getting some of the best Mexican food we’ve ever had at El Vez downtown, we spent the rest of the day shopping around SoHo. Though it only made me more sad to see all the beautiful clothes that I couldn’t afford… but my mom did some serious damage in Theory so that made up for it since we wear the same sizes 🙂 IMG_2480 This art exhibit was credited by a local artist in New York, and I hate that I forgot the artist’s name. This display was created to try to recover the exact scene on the day the planes flew into the World Trade Center. Each piece of paper is individually painted with a different shade of blue watercolor in attempt to remember and interpret the exact color of the sky that September morning in 2001. The memorial reads “No day shall erase you from the memory of time.”- Virgil. It covers an entire wall on the bottom floor of the museum as acts as the hall way leading to each different section of the museum. IMG_2495 The slurry wall was built as the bottom of the twin towers to prevent water from getting into the basements of the buildings. It’s the only wall of the towers that remained in place because it was built to withstands tons and tons of pounds of pressure. This wall was the root of the buildings and now remains as a wall of the underground memorial. IMG_2496 This pillar is known as “The Last Column”. It was the last remaining base column (as you can see from the name) of the buildings. The aftermath of the collapse of the twin towers consisted of cleaning up the damage–tons and tons of damage– as well as survivors of the incident signing this post in commemoration for their loved ones or the people who saved them. There are pictures of police and fire men who sacrificed their lives and even a bouquet of flowers taped to it on the other side. It got cut out of the picture, but the approximate number of lives lost was spray painted on the top of the pillar along with other significant numbers, like squad car numbers. IMG_2497 This is the bearing that held up the outside of one of the towers; I forget which one. There were only two left that weren’t completely demolished and bent out of proportion. IMG_2486 IMG_0855 IMG_0856


The Freedom Tower

IMG_2499IMG_0860 IMG_0862 IMG_0864

Amelia pushed mom in the snow; poor Su was soaking wet in almost unbearably cold weather. The blood orange Margarita from El Vez warmed her up a bit.

Coat: Guess || Undercoat: H&M || Sweater: BCBG || Pants: Urban Outfitters || Boots: Steve Madden || Sunglasses: Dolce Gabbana

If you look closely enough, you can see Lady Liberty in between the light post and a tree on my right. I went when I was ten but didn’t get to go to the top because it was shut down!

{Sorry you can’t really see the outfit}

I doubled up on coats; I got that baby blue one during the trip but it’s not warm enough to wear alone in -989475 degree weather, so I wore another thin coat over it. The bright pop of color is really in for spring; all shades of blue are! So it worked out perfectly with my fall-colored outfit to help transition it for spring. I’m wearing a black high-low sweater over tan corduroy jeans. My riding boots are two-toned: black with a brown rim. It had been snowing early that morning, so when it stopped the sun was beaming and reflected off the snow so I had to bring out the sunnies.



These flyers were posted all over SoHo… I still can’t stop laughing. Dang New Yorkers can be a little too ambitious sometimes…

Coat: Guess || Vest: Dillard’s || Tee: Forever 21 || Scarf: China Town way back when || Leggings: Loft || Shoes: Converse

I opted for a semi-androgynous look for our last day in the city, which was also our traveling day. Even though my toes were frozen, my converse were super comfy for some last minute errands around 5th Ave and running through the airport. The eggshell suede vest, crisp white scarf, and light grey embellished tee made for a wintery look. Of course I had to wear a coat, so I went with my green Guess. The color of the vest compliments the green of the coat; the different textures balance each other out. I wore leggings to slim my look down, as I had on a bunch of layers. And of course I’m sporting my ashes for Ash Wednesday! They look great with my purse!!



Ah, the Palace… next time you’re in NY, go look inside and touch the wall paper in the lobby. It’s water-color painted canvas… so cool! And they have really good fruit 🙂 Rumor has it that Lil Wayne was staying in the hotel. I still can’t figure out how we didn’t see any famous people during the trip considering how much was going on. Between Fashion Week, the All-Star game, Chinese New Year, SNL’s 40th, etc etc, the streets were flooded with stars and somehow with my spectacular luck, we missed every single one. Oh oh but we did see Kanye’s car and a bullet-proof Escalade outside the the hotel on our way out!

The last day was only a half day. Sadly. The weather on Wednesday morning was perfect; about 30 degrees and little to no winds. In the morning, we got ashes at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and said a few prayers to St. Andrew. The 18th is my Poppy’s birthday and we were especially missing him while in the Cathedral– the beauty of the church kind of gets to you. The anniversary of his death was on the 12th, but we did our commemorating while soaking in the scenery of the stained glass windows! Ironically, Feb 17th–the day before my grandfather’s birthday–is also the anniversary of the death of my beloved Bertha… the Suburban of all Suburbans. Missing you two 🙂 And my sweet HoHo, of course! RIP to all of my favorites.

The remainder of our day was spent shopping and skating. Rockefeller Ice Rink is a lot smaller than I remember it being, but just as fun! IMG_0896 IMG_0900 IMG_0902

A few more pictures from the trip that I left out in previous posts:

IMG_2422 IMG_2423 IMG_2446 IMG_2458 IMG_2498IMG_2447 IMG_2460 IMG_2469 IMG_2488 IMG_2489

This ends the documentation of my incredible trip. Almost everyone we met in the city asked where we were from. When we told them, they all asked the same question, “Is Mardi Gras as crazy as it looks?!” Yes, yes it is. Hence why we try to escape it every year. NYC, I’ll be back for you soon! I miss you already.