Snowy Saturday in the City

It was a very eventful day in the city! We had a late start but knocked a few things off of our bucket list for the trip. We walked down 5th Avenue to see all of the elaborately decorated store windows; the Gucci one was my favorite. We spent the morning in the Central Park Zoo, which was surprisingly very small… A few inches of snow had stuck to the ground by morning, so there was ice everywhere! After our little zoo excursion we went back to our hotel to change for tea and our show tonight. We saw Matilda– It was awesome. I highly recommend it. It was snowing before and after the show and I can honestly say that seeing Time Square at midnight while it’s snowing was probably one of the coolest things… So yeah, I was pretty giddy. Something about the insanely bright lights and the snow are just kind of exhilarating to me. So here’s a little walk through our day:


IMG_0592Hey Gossip Girl fans: does this look familiar? Yes, this is where Serena Van Der Woodsen resided. I feel like a celebrity being able to stay in this hotel… it’s incredible! Room service even delivered these cute (and extremely delicious) chocolate covered strawberries this morning for Valentine’s Day! Oh and my dad sent a bouquet of lilly’s, roses, and tulips, and calla lilly’s to our NY Palace hotel room today. We all knew he was a softy deep down. IMG_0483Walking down 5th Ave is really cool when the designer stores have all of their new windows set up! Nothing beats the Bergdorf Christmas window display… they always have an exquisite and unique set up displaying all of their most expensive new gowns, along with hand crafted snowflakes hanging from the ceiling or deer antlers mantled onto the back walls. Bergdorf’s never fails to amaze me with those dang windows…

IMG_0488IMG_0538Our first stop of the morning was the Central Park Zoo! Super small, but all of the animals are accustomed to the cold weather so they were all animals we hadn’t seen live before. Above is the seal exhibit. They love to put on a show and thought it would be a good idea to try to splash us… Did I mention is was about 23 degrees today?

IMG_0513Does anyone else was to take these snow leopards home? Zoe and her baby Malala were snuggling like house cats… My heart melted. I’m such a cat person :/

Now onto the outfits.



Coat: vintage || Button down: Limited || Sweater vest: Rag and Bone || Jeans: J Brand || Boots: Ugg

Mom went the preppy route today. Since it was so cold, we focused on bundling up for our zoo and Central Park excursion. She layered a wool sweater vest over a simple white button down. Fur coats are the ultimate heat source. She’ll probably be wearing this coat all week since it’s versatile, comfortable, and warm. Mom reused the same jeans from the night before (because jeans are jeans) and added some Ugg fur lined snow boots to withstand the ice.



Beanie: Popsugar || Coat: vintage || Sweater: Zara || Scarf: Target || Jeans: BCBG || Boots: The Backpacker

Ignore Amelia for a sec… Elise is wearing a simple sweater with her scarf rolled up tightly to increase warmth. All of her accessories are neutral colors, so the sweater adds a bold Springy color. We also added a few layers of tights under our pants to block out the wind (13 mph winds today) along with sock liners fit for skiing weather. IMG_0550


Beanie: Urban Outfitters || Sweater: _ || Fur lined Jacket: Bella Bella || Leather Jacket: Gianni Bini || Jeans: _ || Boots: The Backpacker

Today Amelia wore a bunch of thin pieces and just layered the heck out of ’em. She’s wearing a sleeveless cowl neck sweater with a light cotton sleeves jacket (the one with the fur lined collar), along with a black leather jacket and a slim back coat. Her ombre’d jeans bring in some color while fading back into the darks, which matches her boots perfectly. The cheetah print beanie gives the outfit some more texture and pattern.



Hat: Blink || Coat: vintage || Sweater: Carven || Leggings: Ralph Lauren || Socks: Urban Outfitters || Boots: The Backpacker

I dressed more for comfort this morning (because I’m not a morning person) but I dressed up my sweater and leggings with my hat and fur coat. Because leggings aren’t very warm, I put on knee high socks to match my sweater, but didn’t pull them high enough to cover up the patch work on my olive pants. My boots are snow-proof so I was super warm and super comfy this morning. My red leather gloves added a bold color and dressed me up just a little bit more.


Later today…

We went back to our room for a quick change for high tea at the Plaza. That’s one of our favorite things to do in the city because there’s not really anywhere in BR that hosts afternoon tea with scones and fancy finger sandwiches! Plus there are a ton of little girls there asking for Eloise and it’s precious… and pretty entertaining. The Plaza is beautiful! The Palm Court in the Plaza was just redecorated and today there was a special Valentine’s Day menu, as there was everywhere in New York today. The tea was so relaxing that I actually fell asleep at the table… is that classy or what?

IMG_0597IMG_0599 IMG_0602 IMG_0603 IMG_0606 IMG_0618 IMG_0623 IMG_0626 IMG_0630 IMG_0633

Our waiter, Fariz, is my mom’s new best friend because he gives us endless champagne without charge so we automatically like him. Plus he served us last year when we came and remembered us! Since I’m still actually five years old, I and my sisters ordered the “Eloise” tea meal with PB&J, turkey, almond scones, and cotton candy. Mom decided to be adult and get the fancy Valentine’s meal with salmon and caviare and all that fancy stuff.


Coat: vintage || Shirt: Yoana Baraschi || Jeans: Phoebe || Booties: H&M || Purse: Soho Salon and Spa

Simple colors and simple lines give mom a long and lean look. The sapphires in her necklace are the only color, which makes the outfit subtle, but the shin of the wax coat jeans make it stand out!


Jacket: Guess || Vest: BCBG || Blouse: Maven || Skirt: Vertage || Booties: vintage

Elise is sporting some brighter neutrals. The little bit of gray interweaved into the coat is brought out by the light gray of the suede vest. The sleek black blouse is delicate and versatile. This red leather skater skirt is perfect for Valentine’s Day and the leather is thick enough to block some of the wind. Elise’s lace up booties had a thick heel to them, which gave her the height that she definitely didn’t need (because she’s already taller than all of us without them on).


Coat: some consignment shop in Pensilvania || Vest: Bella Bella || T-shirt: Wal-mart || Skirt: Maven || Boots:

Amelia is wearing a bunch of layers again. This bold vest brings in a bunch of colors but isn’t too bold, so it’s just enough. The red in the skirt brings out the red in the vest. The rest of her outfit is black and sleek, which makes the vest the skirt the focal point.


Coat: vintage || Blazer: Urban Outfitters || Blouse: Maven || Pants: Urban Outfitters || Shoes: Steve Madden

Do me a favor and ignore the white socks poking out of my booties… I get cold easily, okay? Even though I was wearing a light blouse, my pink blazer kept out the cold and gave me a bold pop of color along the otherwise monotone outfit. And the hot pink is perfect for Valentine’s Day, so of course I couldn’t resist but wear it. These high wasted trousers–compliments of Carley Pere– were much warmer than I thought, but maybe that has something to do with the thick leggings I had on under it… My black booties elongate my lines. The dark brown fur brings in some texture and more warmth.

IMG_0652 IMG_0653

Unfortunately, there were no celebs spotted today… but keep reading throughout the week to see if there are any later! I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day and celebrated it with the people who mean the most to you!