Welcome to New York

Today we set out to begin our adventures through the bustling city of New York. It’s a striking 19 degrees tonight and there’s ice everywhere… but I’ve never been in NY when it’s snowed so I can’t wait to test out my survival skills.. I guess. Who cares, I’m so happy to be here that it doesn’t even phase me. Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York” has been stuck in my head since the plane landed, hence the title of this post. Our flight got in around 11 tonight and I just threw together a little traveling dress guide with today’s outfit to kick off my blogging spree of the trip! But keep checking the blog throughout the week, I’ll be posting each day up until Wednesday! All of the upcoming posts will probably not be posted until late at night but since it’s an hour later here in New York, maybe I’ll catch y’all back in Louisiana (or wherever you’re viewing this from) at a decent hour. Anyway, I will be sharing the stories of the trip and giving you all the dirty deets, as well as blogging me and my family’s outfits and how we are reusing certain pieces throughout the week. Today was pretty uneventful, traveling and all; the excitement begins tomorrow.


Coat: vintage (her grandmother’s mink) || Vest: Zara || Button down: Gap || Jeans: J Brand || Booties: Charles David

Mom wouldn’t stop moving for me to snap a better picture, so allow me to explain. She’s wearing a denim button down over dark wash denim jeans. If you saw my post about SJA, the vest I was wearing in the pictures around the school is the vest Mom is wearing. It’s navy with brown trim and gold zippers– down quilted. She’s wearing chocolate brown pointed toe booties while lugging around a few too many of our coats… Good ole Mom. Su’s look was super easy with the denim and good for spring, while the browns and fur make it perfect for New York weather.


Coat: vintage Albert Nipon (my Aunt Danna’s) || Jeans: Old Navy || Sweater: Urban Outfitters || Bag: H&M || Boots: Me Too

Amelia being awkward per usual… She went the super-chic route and wore all black once we got into the city. She was wearing an apple red pea-coat from Zara at first and changed into this warm vintage coat when we hit lower temperatures. Amelia’s sweater has a high-low hem and her jeans were thin enough to look like leggings. New Yorkers are known to only wear black, so Amelia fit right in with this ensemble. It definitely tops the other tourists’ looks… AKA mom jeans, sweatshirts, and New Balances.


Sweater: Forever 21 || Denim jacket: Wal-mart || Coat: Forever 21 || Boots: H&M || Beanie: Popsugar

The baby of the family just got her braces off, so now she really looks like the oldest… Quick story: the other day we were getting our nails done and the man painted our nails asked where I went to college and all that good stuff and then proceeded to ask Elise if she was doing the same thing:/ Anyway…  Elise’s layering is perfect for the cold and perfect for the heat (from inside) because she can add and subtract all of the items as she needs to. The fur lined coat dresses up the rest of the look without taking away from the particular style of it!


Coat: Guess || Sweater: Urban Outfitters || Scarf: Zara || Jeans: Urban Outfitters || Shoes: Converse || Bag: Michael Kors
Coat: Guess || Sweater: Urban Outfitters || Scarf: Zara || Jeans: Urban Outfitters || Shoes: Converse || Bag: Michael Kors

IMG_0478 IMG_0479 IMG_0480

Because my sweater is super duper cropped, the blanket scarf covers up my stomach to make it airport and weather appropriate, while also providing me with a blanket on the plane 🙂 The best thing about this scarf is that it has so many neutral colors in it, but it adds a pop of color at the same time while also tying in all the colors of my outfit. This green Guess coat is actually extremely versatile so you’ll be seeing it for the rest of the week. Not going to lie, the ripped jeans weren’t the best idea… after walking around in this freezing weather for about 20 minutes, I may or may not have lost feeling in my knees.

Make sure to check the blog each night to keep up with all of the outfits and adventures of NYC!! Did I mention it’s Fashion Week?