Overly Oversized Scarves

Happy NYE to you and last post of the year to me!! While in Houston this past weekend, we spent the entire day at the Galleria (because who can get in and out of there in just a few hours?) and I found this really massive scarf in Zara. It’s called a blanket scarf. It’s exactly what it sounds like… A scarf that’s so big it could be a blanket. So me and my obsessive blogging opportunity warped mind couldn’t resist buying it. With a little inspiration from one of my favorite local blogger’s Brighton Keller, I’ve created two looks for this fall colored fabric.

Obviously, wear the scarf as a scarf. Wrap it around your neck once and let the sides hang, tuck them in, and fluff it up a little. I’m wearing a black BCBG short sleeved sweater and Loft leggings for an easy and comfortable look. The scarf adds extra warmth and extra color, while my wedge boots bring in more neutral shades from the scarf.




For something totally different, if you have a blanket scarf as big as this one–and maybe some longer legs because this swallows me whole–drape it over your shoulders to create what looks like a shawl or poncho! Put on a simple belt to keep it in place. My black turtle neck keeps the look wintery and my Celebrity jeans make it casual. The tan color in these Jessica Simpson ballet flats (channeling my past ballet life and missing it) tie in the tan colors in the scarf and make the outfit casual yet sophisticated.





P.S.- this scarf can also be used as a cape in case you were wondering…