The Purple Prom Dress Project

Happy Ball season, Louisiana! *Cue “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”* Formal gowns are hard to find and hard to buy. It’s a rare occasion when you find a good quality ball gown for a decent price. Last February while in New York with my mom, sister, and grandmother, I figured it would be a good idea to look for a prom dress (because God forbid I buy a dress in Baton Rouge that someone else might have). Not thinking I would find anything anywhere near my budget, I walked into Halston Heritage and immediately started drooling just because of how beautiful the fabrics were. I found this stunning plum beaded number and looked at the price tag before daring to fall in love with the dress. $680. I turned around and kept walking. One of the workers saw me eyeing the gown and basically made my day when telling me this: the dress was on sale for $260! THAT’S OVER HALF OFF PEOPLE, THIS NEVER HAPPENS WITH A DRESS THAT GOOD LOOKING. And behold: my prom dress.

Being a broke college girl, I was limited on my options for a gown when asked to go to ULL’s Kappa Sigma formal in New Orleans this weekend. I figured this was a great blogging opportunity and a great way to jump back into it after my three week blogging break!  And I know everyone struggles with re-wearing formals because they’re usually worn for such big events. So with that in mind, my fellow party-goers, hopefully this will give y’all some insight on changing up the look of a dress and saving some money that could be used at Waffle House the morning after the ball instead. 🙂

(For all of my fellow Glee lovers- that title should sound familiar (The Purple Piano Project))



{Awkward selfie comin’ at ya} My mom did say that I would thank her one day for making me take this… I guess that day is today. So thanks Mom. In her defense, my date got the flu the day of prom so I while everyone else was taking cute couples pictures, good ole Susan just wanted a few snaps of her own. Don’t worry, I didn’t show up to prom dateless! I picked my date, William, after dinner because he didn’t want to get anyone sick. Luckily, I also made it out flu-less. I didn’t realize how awkward the picture actually was until now… Oh well.


{Yet another cheesy prom pic} For prom, I did a dark smokey eye and light lips. Unfortunately you can’t see my earrings or what I did with my hair :/ I somehow managed to whip up one of those fancy crown braids and I wore gray and black teardrop earrings from Bauble Bar! I [very] loosely curled my hair and brushed it out with my fingers to give it that beach wave look. My nails were painted a very neutral shade of tan. I wore my black strappy Steve Maddens to match the black beads and black ribbon around the waist of the gown. Oh, everyone meet my favorite BR friends. Carley, Lauren, Lauren, Hope, and Lauren (yes, I do have too many friends named Lauren).



So for the second go-round, I decided to mix things up a bit. I can’t even tell you the last time I wore my hair parted to the side… maybe sophomore year of high school? Anyway, I  wanted to go for a classy, old school look. I teased the back of my hair to give it just a smidge of volume and used only a million bobby pins to make that bun stable. I actually wore the bun out to Bourbon Street after Kappa Sig’s formal because I was too afraid to see what it would look like when I took it down…TREND ALERT: chokers are back in style! I actually made this one out of satin ribbon and snap button. A trip to Joanne’s and a needle and thread is all it took. For my makeup, I used gold and brown eyeshadow, black liquid eyeliner and fake eyelashes. Contoured cheeks and plum lips gave me a wintery look and I wore my grey Steve Madden shoes to finish it off. I also had deep purple nail polish! I didn’t wear any earrings or bracelets to keep a clean, classy look.




For those of you who are curious if I’ve actually made any new friends in Lafayette:


Hollie above, Hannah below (who actually took these pictures for me)!


Holding our pinkies up automatically makes us classy, right? We thought so, too.