Revamping Vera

It’s Throwback Thursday on R3! Last April I was looking for a kick-butt dress to wear for my high school graduation because we all have to go out with a bang, right? Right. I was striking out. Being my easily-distracted self, I started looking through old pictures and came across a picture of my beautiful cousin Andi at her graduation from the same high school in 2003. I immediately became inspired. I became so in love with the idea of wearing a dress from someone who means so much to me for such a special occasion! I’m a sucker for anything with sentimental value. I found the two-piece dress in mom’s closet and went to work with my sewing machine. False: I brought it to the tailor’s because I thought I would butcher it. And yes I can sew, but I wasn’t about to be the one to ruin a classic Vera Wang! Luckily, all went as planned. So here’s how I spruced it up:

1. I tucked the top into the skirt to make it look high waisted

2. I had the top and bottom stitched together to make it a dress

3. I had the skirt chopped off so it looked up to date



Voilà, it’s a completely different dress.



I put my 100-strand pearls and pearl studs with this dress to keep it as classic as possible. To add my own personal style, I wore my cold cuff and gold-plated nude heels. If you want to add some color, I’d suggest bright shoes in the spring and a deep purple lip in the winter if you college girls want to do something like this for semi formal!

Now here are the details of the renovations:


I kept the back and neckline the same, but added a few darts by my rib cage to make the dress fit to my form.


The seamstress tacked the pieces together at the seams and kept both zippers so I could still get into the dress (obviously).


Very few alterations were made. This quick and easy fix is perfect for getting use out of mom’s old prom dresses and it means as much to them as it does to us. So thanks Andi!

Just in case you were all wondering… yes, it was 47 degrees outside while I was shooting this. And yes, I did bundle up in between shots. Cute, right?