How to Wear a Scarf in 5 Ways

I was feeling lazy today so I decided to do a “How To” segment {I hope y’all caught my reference to “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” in the title tehe} Since the temperature is dropping, it’s time to bring out your favorite scarves! I created a page on my blog about inspiration, and one of the links leads to a video of a woman wearing a single piece of fabric too many ways to process. I also have a link to another blog site that shows a few different ways to wear a scarf! Well, I’ve come up with a few more that maybe you’ve seen and maybe you haven’t. Some of you conformists might think a few of these look strange, but I encourage you to play with your scarves and come up with your own ideas, too! So bundle up, scroll down and keep reading… hopefully this will help keep you warm this winter!


Start with a thick, long scarf. I chose this white pashmina because it’s a thin fabric, but keeps me incredibly warm and can be shaped easily!


Tie the scarf in a bulky knot. The closer to your neck, the warmer it is!


I’m sure most of you have seen a scarf tied into a bow, which is super cute. I thought it looked pretty cool when I only pulled one side through to make a sort of half-bow! It creates some volume, but isn’t overwhelming.


Okay, I KNOW everyone has the typical infinity scarf. BUT, does everyone know how to make one out of a regular scarf? … I didn’t think so.


If you’re wearing a jacket, throw the two ends of the scarf behind your back and the jacket will keep them locked and loaded!


If you don’t have a jacket on, tie a knot between the ends and tuck it under and no one will ever know the difference.


Now I know this might be a little strange, but I thought it looked very gipsy-like, so I went for it! I know, I’m such the daredevil.


If you’re going to attempt this, I’d suggest a thinner scarf so it’s not so bulky around your head! But the thicker it is, the warmer your ears are! Tie the knot loosely and try not to get your hair stuck in it.


Lastly, expand the scarf and throw it over your shoulders to make a shawl! Super easy and keeps a little bit of the wind out.