The Work-in-Progress Begins

So with this being my first post, I just want to give y’all a little sneak peak of what my blog is going to consist of! The goal for– brace yourself, it’s a mouthful– Rewear, Reuse, Recycle is to be a fun fashion blog to inspire girls to step out of the box and get creative. I’ll try my very best to post every Tuesday and Sunday, and once a month on Thursday, I’ll be doing a throwback Thursday segment! Basically I’ll be taking mom’s clothes from the 80’s, maybe dresses worn in 8th grade (if I can get them to fit…), etc., and showcasing how to turn these old looks into modern and trendy outfits! I want to show girls how to take the things that they might already have, and revamp them into something fresh. I’ll definitely be using new things too, because who can resist a good shopping trip? Not me, that’s for sure! I’m the first person to convince you to buy that $25 necklace because it’s a “steal” (ask Bailey). #sorrynotsorry. Anyway,  I’m also going to set up a corresponding instagram account with the outfits from the blog: @r3bycaroline. So to kick things off, here are some pictures of my favorite places and my favorite people, because why not? Hope you all enjoy!! -Caroline 


The Met>>> anyone else obsessed? I could spend hours upon hours in there. I LOVE ART AND ALL THINGS NEW YORK. And yes, that is my “baby” sister, Elise. You’d think she was 20 if it wasn’t for those braces!


Last February, I was blessed with the opportunity to job shadow at the one, the only, NICOLE MILLER’s showroom! I was actually in tears when I walked in (I’m a cryer) because it was so incredible. The poor receptionist probably thought I was a 7-year-old who got separated from her mother :/ I mean how often does one get to go into a real New York showroom?!

^so basically we have come to the conclusion that I’m obsessed with New York.


Breckinridge is, by far, the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. Those helmets on the other hand, not too pretty… (featuring my other not-so-little sister, Amelia)


Oh senior trip, what a trip you were. If only we could’ve smuggled those hats out of the Bahamas… Credits to the best friend, Carlita, for scoring them.

(or Carley if you want to get down to the specifics of her name…)



I can’t exactly decide how I feel about the South Carolina beaches. The sand is dark and flat and there’s about 50 feet of it before you hit water. But, Hilton Head Island is gorgeeooouuss and there’s so much to do! Check out how cute my “outdoorsy” family is. (Notice that my grandmother’s helmet says “da queen” and dad’s says “sweetie pie”)

caroline's photos 587

Because what could be better than going to Disney World with two of your best friends? Shout out to Lauren and Rachel for sharing my short gene.


Meet Meagan, the only person who understand my fashion needs. What would I do without you, Meggy? Oh, and the beach. The beach is pretty awesome, too.


And my absolute favorite place in the whole word: Point Clear, Alabama. My grandmother has a house right on the bay. It’s my home away from home and I WILL get married there. Now let’s petition to allow Christians to be married into the Catholic church OUTSIDE! Far fetched? Maybe. What can I say, I’m a dreamer.